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Search Criteria

Users can use search criteria drop down boxes or list boxes to generate reports based on specific search criteria. Each search criteria drop down or list box contains a list of options to choose from. Users are allowed to choose only one item from a drop down box and multiple items from a list box. Choosing specific options from the list allows the user to filter information that will be shown in the generated report.

Below is an example of a search criteria drop down box. Within the box there is a drop down list with 5 options (as shown in Figure 1). These options are used to help users to filter out the data that they don't need.

Figure 1 Filter Criteria Options
Figure 1: Filter Criteria Options
When selecting the All option, all information related to the Field Name is searched upon.

NOTE: When selecting the All option for a date field (Report Start Date), the start date will be set to a default start date of 4/1/2001.

When selecting Equal To, Less Than, or Greater than option, an additional text box is displayed (as shown in Figure 2) for user's input. Users can search by a specific date (for date field) or a number.

Equal To Criteria
Figure 2: Equal To Criteria
When selecting the Between option, 2 additional text boxes are displayed (as shown in Figure 3) for user's inputs. Users can search by a range of dates (for date field) or numbers.

Between Criteria
Figure 3: Between Criteria
By selecting the calendar icon located on the right of Date Field users can select search dates by selecting dates with the use of a calendar (as shown in Figure 4).

Figure 4: Calendar
Depending on the Field Name field search criteria drop down boxes may contain different selection options.

Other Search Criteria Drop Down Boxes
Figure 5: Other Search Criteria Drop Down Boxes
Below is an example of a search criteria list box. Users can choose one or more items from the list. If nothing is selected from the list, meaning nothing is highlighted in blue, then all options will be included in the generated report.

Search Criteria List Box
Figure 6: Search Criteria List Box
To select multiple consecutive items, click on the first item and drag down to the last item. The selected items should be highlighted in blue.

Select Multiple Consecutive Items
Figure 7: Select Multiple Consecutive Items
To select multiple non-consecutive items, click on the first item and hold down the Ctrl key before clicking on the other items.

Select Multiple Non-Consecutive Items
Figure 8: Select Multiple Non-Consecutive Items