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Welcome to the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market News (LPGMN) & Dairy Market News (DMN) website for historical mandatory reporting data and reports. New users are encouraged to click on the "Help" link to learn how to navigate the search screens.

USDA Market News Mobile App

USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service announces the availability of the first ever USDA Market News Mobile App, providing instant access to current and historical market information. The initial version of the free app includes nearly 800 livestock, poultry, and grain market reports, with additional commodities added throughout the coming year.

The new app lets users share reports via text or email, subscribe to reports, add reports to their favorites, and receive real-time notifications on new report publications. Users are able to see markets from across the country, or users can search based off their location, by state, or by commodity.

Both iOS and Android versions will be free to the public. The iOS version is available at the Apple App Store, and the Android version is available at the Google Play Store.

Change History and Upcoming Changes/Features

Users who would like to know about past changes to the DataMart, Web Service and API history - Please make a bookmark to this link. AMS will be updating this link as bug fixes, changes, and new features are coming out.

We will also be introducing a "Subscription" feature later in 2021 that will allow users to sign up to be notified of outages, bug fixes, changes, and new features automatically. Email address is the only field required. AMS has listened and heard our users' feedback. We are addressing your comments and feedback as quickly as we can.

All the information available through this website was published and released by USDA AMS Market News. The site currently contains only selected data from mandatory reports released after April 1, 2001 under the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act of 1999 and Mandatory Price Reporting Act of 2010, authorizing the Dairy Product Mandatory Reporting Program (DPMRP). All AMS Market News voluntary reporting reports and data are available at My Market News. There are no restrictions on who may obtain this data or how it may be used. However, if the data is published and identified as USDA data, it cannot be altered in any way.

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